About Us


Our Mission

Scoocher was founded with the mission of creating the world's first Independent Content Monetization Engine. Scoocher provides all musicians with a safe and simple platform that enables them to sell their audio content from video sharing websites like YouTube, in just a few clicks or taps.

Our Goal

Disrupt music distribution by offering musicians a streamlined agnostic e-commerce solution for independent and live music content on the Internet.

Why Scoocher?

Music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify are cannibalizing music sales to the detriment of musicians. Because of this, all musicians are seeking to identify new sources of revenue to offset this phenomenon. One largely overlooked, yet massive opportunity, is to monetize new and existing content distributed through video sharing websites like YouTube.
This is why Scoocher built a Content Monetization Engine that provides the music industry with a free, safe and simple platform to monetize new and existing content on the Internet.
Technology has already transformed the way in which fans consume music, and now it's time to disrupt the way musicians distribute it.