Yes, joining Scoocher is absolutely Free. There are no signup charges or listing fees.

We simply charge a flat fee of 15% on sales generated through Scoocher.

Yes, there are micro-processing charges that typically range between 4% and 10% depending on the size of the transaction.

No, there are no additional costs after Scoocher‘s 15% fee and micro-processing charges to sell your content. However if you choose to purchase any of Scoocher‘s promotional tools then additional charges may apply. Charges for promotional tools are clearly stated at the point of purchase prior to any billing.

You sell a song for $1.00.
Processing fee is $0.05 + 5% of sale (5% of $1.00 = $0.05). Total processing fee $0.10.
Scoocher‘s fee is 15% of sale (15% of $1.00 = $0.15). Total Scoocher fee $0.15.
Processing fee $0.10 + Scoocher fee $0.15 = $0.25
Therefore, you get $0.75 from this sale ($1.00 - $0.25)

Funds typically clear within 3-5 business days after a fan makes a purchase.

You can either allow users to download your songs for free, or if you are going to charge for the download, you must charge a minimum of $0.25.

There is no set maximum you can charge per song, but keep in mind it must be reasonable.

Absolutely. Any content that is owned by you can be made available for purchase through Scoocher.

Scoocher Pro

Yes. Scoocher has a unique back end system that allows the content owner to set the payout splits on sales according to any type of contractual relationship imaginable.

If you have chosen to use Scoocher Pro, royalties are distributed immediately to each respective party, but may only be withdrawn after the funds have cleared (3-5 days).

General questions

Simply send an email to contact@scoocher.com with "Please close my account" in the subject line. Your account will be closed within 24 hours.

Login to Scoocher, go to Add Songs and Login with Google.Scoocher will then populate the page with all of your YouTube content.Simply pick the content you want to sell and click Submit.Scoocher will instantly add a purchase link to your selected content page/s, and your fans can start buying immediately.

Login to Scoocher, go to My Songs and click in the price field to adjust. When finished, simply click update.

Go to My Songs, and check the box next to "Is this a cover song?" This way, Scoocher sets aside copyright fees on your behalf.

Go to My Songs, and check the box next to "Are you a professional?" A Scoocher Pro screen will pop up, where you can add multiple parties and set payout percentages.

Login to Scoocher, go to My Songs, and click Remove from YouTube.Simply click the Sign in with Google link in the pop up to remove your listing.